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Steak Out Restaurant in Maadi

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It’s a lovely afternoon and you’re out for a stroll in Maadi. You come across a steak house that looks pretty promising – and you’re in the mood for American. But will it be any good?


Steak Out

The staff is nice enough to let you look around the restaurant before you decide to eat there and upon viewing the menu, you feel slightly alarmed at the smaller selection and its campy design. Some might tell you the appearance of the menu shouldn’t matter but you know that it does, and hints of mediocre quality can be noted in the smallest details.

As you wait to for your meal, you look around the dimly lit restaurant and decide that the Wild West-themed decor feels authentic. But it’s oddly complemented with romanticized watercolor renderings of scenes in Venice. You could find this odd, interesting, or attractive, or all of the above depending upon your state of mind. The dark red velvety cushioned seats make the restaurant cozy and inviting, and you notice the fabric is worn on most of it. You think this place might have been much better, years ago, whenever it first opened.

As you wait for your dinner, a small basket with spiced breadsticks, garlic bread, crushed olives, and oil are brought out. The bread is very fresh and tasty, and you start to worry less that you might not enjoy your meal.

steak out maadi menu
Veal with Rice and Vegetables

But when your meal is brought out, confirm arrives that your intuition rarely misleads you, and you sigh in disappointment.

The plates aren’t very well decorated, the food isn’t that attractive, and in the case of your salad, it doesn’t smell attractive, either. It doesn’t smell…fresh.




food from steak out in maadi
Steak Out Chef Salad

There seems to be more emphasis on quantity rather than quality.

The oversized portion of salad is unimpressive because the cold cuts are either too cheap or too old. The cheese that tops it is sweating as though it’s been left out of the fridge for too long. A large meal that’s just edible isn’t all that compelling.



Overall, Steak Out is a joint that could use a facelift and a menu overhaul. Despite its cute and convenient Maadi location, it’s mediocre food make may have you decide that it’s a spot you’ll only visit once.

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